Adult Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct relates to adults whilst on the school premises and/or representing the school at an approved off-site activity.  Charlton Primary School expects the highest standards of behaviour from its pupils and expects that adults associated with the school, in any capacity, will set a good example.

Charlton Primary school will not tolerate behaviour that compromises the safety and well-being of children and adults whether parents, members of staff, visitors or governors.

The list below identifies the type of behaviours that this school will view as serious inappropriate behavior. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Rudeness and aggression to a member of staff
  • Disruptive behaviour which threatens to interfere with the school’s normal operation
  • Approaching someone else’s child in order to discuss or chastise them because of the actions of this child towards their own child. (Such an approach to a child may be seen to be an assault on that child and may have legal consequences)
  • Physical assault
  • Using loud or offensive language or displaying temper
  • Defacing the school environment
  • Sending abusive or threatening emails or text/voicemail/phone messages or other written communications (including social media) to anyone within the school community
  • Defamatory, offensive or derogatory comments regarding the school or any of the pupils/parents/staff/governors at the school on social media
  • Persistent verbal intimidation
  • Bringing the school into disrepute
  • Smoking, taking illegal drugs or the consumption of alcohol on school premises. (Alcohol may only be consumed during authorised events)
  • Dogs being brought on to the school premises without verbal or written consent from a senior member of staff. (other than guide dogs)


Should any of the above occur, the school will take action which could involve:

  • A formal meeting
  • A warning letter
  • Removal of “implied permission” to be on school grounds (temporary or permanent)
  • Agency referral (including contacting the Police)

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