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On the afternoon and evening of Wednesday 8th February parents, family members and friends came along to Charlton Primary School in Wantage to enjoy a swashbuckling performance of Treasure Island by the Year 3 children.

The performance was the concluding piece of work for the children, who have spent the term linking the various parts of their curriculum to this enjoyable topic.

Mr. Steven Rose said “The children have all been very excited in the run up to this performance. It has been a pleasure to have been able to hear the rehearsals taking place in recent weeks.  The children have had great fun developing their skills on stage”.

The audience were wowed by the children’s singing and acting during the performances.



A huge welcome back!

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Year 2 have been settling in well and are getting used to their new routine for the day.

Today the children had free choice activities from 8.40 – 9.05 and register, followed by a whole school assembly.  Please ask them about their whole school story and story mapping.

After break the children enjoyed a snack and story and continued to work on their morning activity.

 The children enjoyed a well earned lunch break and then made their own storytelling hats.

You should have also received a letter and topic overview!

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Monday 28th September

During our assembly today the winners of our writing competition were announced and the new Library Monitors were introduced to the school.  They gave us information about an exciting reading challenge; Munch on a Morpurgo and Dine on a Donaldson.

The children in Year 1 had an exciting start to the new term, when Aliens landed their spaceship in the Year 1 play area.

The children looked  for clues to see if they could locate the alien invaders. They adapted a familiar tune as they searched; “We’re going to hunt for aliens, we’re going to find a friendly one, what a beautiful day, we’re not scared!”

They found footprints, photos of aliens, parts of the space ship, codes and letters from the aliens.  These all helped to inspire  the children to compose some fantastic pieces of writing.

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