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We thought you might want to put aside technology and worksheets and enjoy a few more creative learning opportunities.


Have a look at these lovely rainbow activity ideas…

Grow a Rainbow

Equipmentkitchen roll, scissors, felt tips, two beakers of water, paper clip, thread.

How tocut the kitchen roll into a rainbow shape; colour the bottom edges of the side of the shape using the rainbow colours (to a height of around 2cm); tie a piece of the thread to the paperclip and place the paperclip in the top-center of the rainbow shape (to give something to hold it with); place each bottom edge of the rainbow in a beaker of water and watch your rainbow grow.

Taking it furtherhow long does it take your rainbow to grow? Does it grow at the same rate with other liquids? What happens if you use different colours on each side?


Travelling Rainbow

Equipment5 beakers; water; blue, green and red food colouring, 4 pieces of paper towel.

How toplace the beakers in a row; fill the middle beaker with water to its brim; do the same with the two beakers at each end; place blue colouring in one of the end beakers, red in the other and green in the middle one; twist each piece of paper towel to make 4 sausage shapes; between each beaker, place one end of a paper towel in one beaker and the other end in the one next to it; observe over the next hour or so.  What happens and why?

Taking it further: what happens if the room is warmer/colder? Do different colours produce the same result?  Do different liquids travel at the same rate?


Rainbow Rose

Equipmenta single rose (or other flower with a sturdy stem), scissors, 2 different food colouring colours, 2 beakers, water, spoon.

How tocarefully cut upwards from the bottom of the flower’s stem so that the stem opens in two (only cut up to around 10cm); half-fill each beaker with water; into each beaker, place a different food colouring and stir so that the water changes colour; place the beakers next to each other; into each beaker, place one of the flower stem ends (the flower will need to be carefully balanced/lean against something); leave the flower overnight then observe your rainbow rose!

H&S: sharp scissors may be needed for the flower’s stem – this may need adult supervision.

Taking it further: what happens if other colours are used?  Is it possible to use more than two beakers of colour?  What is happening and why?


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