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Enriching the Curriculum

The curriculum at Charlton encompasses a wide range of learning experiences for the children.  Children learn effectively through direct experience and a creative curriculum.  We therefore offer opportunities for pupils, from the earliest stage, to enhance their learning experiences by bringing the curriculum alive and making their learning more relevant.  

We achieve this through the use of well chosen educational visits, workshops (both on and off site) and topic related costume and role play days.  Examples of these include visits to Hampton Court, the National Portrait Gallery, the Science Museum and Kew Gardens, workshops relating to The Great Fire of London and World War II evacuees and ‘dressing up’ days for Pirates, Romans and international focuses.  Visitors are also invited into school to enhance the curriculum and regularly include authors, artists, parents and other members of our local community.


Our Key Stage 1 team work systematically through the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme.  This is enhanced by resources to ensure that sessions are active, fun and engaging.

We deliver the curriculum through creative, cross-curricular topics designed to provide an exciting balance between direct teaching and child-led investigations. Key areas we consider when planning our themes are:

  • A “WOW! Factor” to introduce the Learning Theme, such as a trip, special event or expert visitor.
  • Opportunities to broaden the experience of the topics, for example with the outdoor curriculum or sharing the experience with the wider school community.
  • How we will share our Learning Outcomes with others, for example an exciting presentation to parents or in an assembly, or one of our fun, themed days!

Some of our recent themed weeks and special whole-school event days have included Music Week, Science Week, and Maths Problem-Solving Activities which included the whole Vale Academy Trust. These allow us to provide further in-depth coverage of an area or topic, and create a real buzz for children and staff alike!


We are also delighted to be able to provide French as a modern foreign language for Year 3-6 pupils, within which we provide a range of language and cultural experiences, such as the chance to set up their own French café, as well as tasting a variety of French foods. We are currently offering Spanish lessons as one of our many extra-curricular clubs and activities.



Further opportunities are offered through our wide range of extra-curricular activities and our programme for gifted and talented pupils.  

Whether your child wants to learn a new skill, practise an old one or join in just for fun, the opportunities are available both in school time and after school.


One of the highlights of the school week is our Achievement Assembly, a lively event where we encourage children to share their successes with the rest of the school. Children from as young as Year 1 are excited to get the chance to stand up and talk in front of the school and have everyone share in and celebrate their achievements. We also use the school newsletter, school website and displays throughout the school to share our children’s academic, musical and sporting successes.

Please click below to view the curriculum Charlton School follows for each year group across the year.

Early Years Curriculum Overview 

Curriculum Overview for Years 1-6

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