Goodbye Year 6

Year 6, this is not quite the 'goodbye' we wanted for you all but we wish you all the very best for the future.  We will miss you all. What an amazing year group! Shirt signing

Recent correspondence regarding COVID-19 and school closure: Charlton School up-date - September reopening plans Charlton Primary School - September 2020 - Important guidance for families VAT Press Release - July 2020 Day return for Years 2 - 5 Year 1 returning Decision on reopening to other year groups Parent information staffing September 2020 Good Morning... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Charlton Primary School

  At Charlton Primary School we believe that a child's first experiences in school are vital, laying down the foundations for all aspects of life that follows. We want all children at our school to have a love of learning, so that they can continue to learn effectively through into adulthood and enjoy happy, fulfilling... Continue Reading →

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