Behaviour at our school

We encourage children to take a pride in themselves, their school and their community. We believe that if a child feels good about him/ herself it is conducive to good learning. Our positive school ethos encourages pupils to make the right choices.

School rules are designed to allow children to work, learn and play co-operatively. Discipline is firm, fair and consistent. There is an agreed procedure which all teachers follow should a child need support in managing his/her behaviour. This whole school approach is set out in our Behaviour Management Policy.

We do not condone bullying in any form and take strong measures to ensure that children at Charlton feel safe.

Discussions about responsibilities and behaviour take place in Personal and Social Education lessons, which may form part of a class assembly.

Our home / school agreement asks for parental support for our Behaviour and Discipline policy and we expect parental support to help resolve any situation where a child is not responding to school discipline. Parents will always be informed of disciplinary matters where their child is involved.


At Charlton School we will …

• Be caring and considerate towards all others; in our behaviour and in the language we use

• Work sensibly with other children; talking quietly and sharing and valuing the contribution of others

• Work hard and to the best of our ability

• Listen carefully to adults and each other

• Make positive contributions to the school ; offering ideas, being helpful, joining in activities, supporting clubs

• Behave sensibly at all times ; when moving around the school and playing at break or lunchtime

• Be careful with school books and equipment and look after our own and others’ property

• Tidy everything away when finished

( To access the behaviour policy go to the Policy tab on the front page of the website).


Wearing the correct school uniform is an important part of our practice and inclusive school ethos and helps pupils take a pride in themselves, their school and their community.

For boys:

Royal blue school sweatshirt with emblem
Grey or navy trousers or shorts
Blue or white shirt or polo shirt

For girls:

Royal blue school sweatshirt with emblem
Navy, royal blue or grey cardigan,
Grey skirt , trousers or pinafore dress
White or blue polo shirt.

Safe, suitable black footwear for indoors.

For PE :

Blue or white t-shirt
Black or blue shorts
A tracksuit is essential for juniors during the winter
A change of footwear is essential for all children for outdoor PE and playtime.

Last updated 19 September 2014

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